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Research Department

NIBS has been conducting research activities for more than 60 years. Research focuses on promoting studies to seek practical use of preventive medicines against viral, bacterial, and protozoan infections in livestock. With our mission of contributing to public benefits, we have actively been cooperating with universities and conducted global collaborations in technology and research activities to respond timely to domestic outbreaks.
Research Department follows proven principles and develops the following broad research activities from bench to field, utilizing cutting-edge molecular techniques and immunological approaches:

  • 1. Isolation and characterization of animal pathogens and development of test techniques
  • 2. Analyses of pathogenic factors, pathological mechanism, and host responses
  • 3. Research and development of preventive/therapeutic agents for livestock, poultry, fish, and companion animals
  • 4. Exploration of biological properties of laboratory animals, bacteriological and genetic controls of them, and development of disease-model animals
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