• 1947 Foundation of Nippon Institute for Biological Science(NIBS)

    NIBS was founded in 1947 as a corporation for promoting biological science. Commercial biological products were manufactured using techniques developed in the institute.

  • 1959 Reorganization of NIBS as a public, non-profit Foundation

    In December 1959, NIBS was reorganized as a public, non-profit foundation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Education. The change enabled NIBS to solidify the financial base and to more effectively manage its research funds.

  • 1966 Establishment of the Laboratory Animal Research Station

    In 1966, the Laboratory Animal Research Station was established in Kobuchisawa(now, Hokuto-city), Yamanashi Prefecture. Since then diverse species of laboratory animal have been bred and improved. The station has contributed to varying fields of biological science by distributing high quality laboratory animals and their feeds.

  • 1969 Foundation of the Ome Laboratory

    In 1969, a laboratory was founded in Ome, Tokyo, to expand research work and production related to poultry diseases. A Toxicology Department was later added.

  • 1978 Assembly of the Laboratories

    In 1978, the head office in Tachikawa has moved to Ome. The incorporation of the office and Ome laboratory has established the present research institute, and its activities were significantly expanded.

  • 2012 Reorganization as a General Incorporated Foundation

    Due to a revision in the Public Interest Corporation Law, NIBS was reorganized for the business development. In April 1, 2012, NIBS has got permission from the Prime Minister to operate as a general incorporated foundation. NIBS has inherited the public utilities department from its predecessor foundation, and develop and manufacturing of veterinary medicines and medical devices were added.

  • 2018 Organizational Change

    Manufacturing and Quality Control Departments of Veterinary medicinal products, and NIBS Laboratory Animal Station have been restored to Nisseiken Co., Ltd.

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