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Oral rice-based vaccine induces passive and active immunity against enterotoxigenic E. coli-mediated diarrhea in pigs.
Takeyama, N., et al.
Vaccine 33(39):5204-11, 2015(new window)


Plant-based vaccines for animals and humans: recent advances in technology and clinical trials.
Takeyama, N., et al.
Ther Adv Vaccines 3(5-6):139-54, 2015(new window)


Good manufacturing practices production of a purification-free oral cholera vaccine expressed in transgenic rice plants.
Kashima, K., et al.
Plant Cell Rep 35(3):667-79, 2016(new window)


Intraocular Ossification in the GSP/pe Chicken with Imperfect Albinism. Shibuya, K., et al.
Veterinary Pathology 52: 688-691, 2015(new window)


General Consideration in Ocular Toxicity Risk Assessment from the Toxicologist' Viewpoints.
Onodera, H., et al.
Journal of Toxicological Science 40: 29-5-307, 2015(new window)


Characteristics of Structures and Lesions of the Eye in Laboratory Animals Used in Toxicity Studies.
Shibuya, K., et al.
Journal of Toxicologic Pathology 28: 181-188, 2015(new window)


Acute and Subchronic Toxicity of 20-kHz and 60-kHz Magnetic Fields in Rats.
Nishimura, I., et al.
Journal of Applied Toxicology 36: 199-210, 2016(new window)


Crystal structure of the substrate-recognition domain of the Shigella E3 ligase IpaH9.8.
Takagi, K., et al.
Acta Crystallographica Section F 72: 269-275, 2016(new window)


Molecular mechanisms regulating NLRP3 inflammasome activation.
Jo, EK., et al.
Cell Mol Immunol 13:148-159, 2016(new window)


Shigella IpaH Family Effectors as a Versatile Model for Studying Pathogenic Bacteria.
Ashida, H., et al.
Front Cell Infect Microbiol 5: 100, 2016(new window)


Shigella manipulates host immune responses by delivering effector proteins with specific roles.
Ashida, H., et al.
Front Immunol 6: 219, 2015(new window)


Production of human apolipoprotein(a) transgenic NIBS miniature pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer.
Shimatsu, Y., et al.
Exp Anim 65(1):37-43, 2016(new window)

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